The little Heart of Jesus

From year to year, I seem to like Christmas wishes less and less. In my opinion, they are becoming a homily to the whole world instead of an opportunity to see God in another person and wish him something very individual. Unfortunately we constantly lack time and space to do it right. This time, however, one of the wishes I received has inspired me very much. Monika from our wonderful Sacre Coeur Family wrote one simple sentence: „May you rest happily with the little Heart of Jesus”.

Suddenly I realised that God not only became a child, but he also had the heart of a child! A heart full of trust, simplicity and chastity. As with every baby, it’s easy for us to see all that in a child. It is much harder to realise that the Heart of Jesus remained so until the end. Jesus, dying on the cross in full of trust in the Father. He gave his life for us with simplicity, because the purity of heart, which each of us loses with time, continued to guide Him. I wondered today how I can follow in my life the little Heart of Jesus that invites me today in front of the crib in Bethlehem.

Trust seems to be the first and most important thing. Children have a lot of trust in themselves, because they have not yet experienced a world in which there is evil and in which someone could have bad intentions. With time, they learn this painful truth, unfortunately looking with suspicion also at God. Jesus trusted his Father and only thanks to this He was able to go through with his saving mission. Meanwhile, because of the human nature after sin, we still do not believe that God can really be good and may want our happiness. From this doubt comes a dangerous thought that since He cannot help me, I have to manage myself, and this is the first step towards a disaster.

Another characteristic of Jesus' Heart is simplicity. A child does not calculate and does not count what is more profitable. The tiny person walks through his little world without fear, without being aware of the consequences. He sees good where an adult sees only a threat. Thinking about a child, we say that this is innocence, but when we look at an adult who does this, we would rather use the word naivety. Jesus was naive in his crazy love. He ate with those who were not worthy, he put himself at risk with those who had power and finally he let himself be killed without counting how many more people he could heal and feed if he had not died so young.

Children also have one more important ability – the belief in being loved no matter what. A baby does not wonder what to do in order to deserve his mother’s love. When I look at Jesus, it is one of the qualities that inspires me the most – He does nothing to please others, but He gives everyone in excess the love He has in his Heart. Such confidence can be discovered only by being convinced of God’s infinite and unconditional love.

May we rest happily by the little Heart of Jesus this Christmas and become just a little bit like Him.

O s. Ewa Bartosiewicz RSCJ

Jestem zakonnicą ze Zgromadzenia Najświętszego Serca Jezusa (Sacre Coeur). W 2015 złożyłam swoje pierwsze śluby zakonne i pracowałam jako katechetka w jednym z gimnazjów w Gdyni, potem mieszkałam w Poznaniu i zajmowałam się duszpasterstwem powołań. Obecnie uczę informatyki w jednym z warszawskich liceów.
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  1. Lynn Pierzchalski-Goldstein pisze:

    Beautiful analogy. Thank you

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