What a marriage this will be!

On the cover of their songbook they wrote „The best is yet to come.” I cannot disagree with them, because if two people seriously entrust their lives to God, then miracles just have to happen! Read the beautiful prayer that Nina and Yohann wrote for their wedding ceremony:

Dear Father,
Our words cannot express the gratitude we have for You. Discovering Your love has shaken our lives and since then our greatest desire has been to give up everything for You and belong to You. Thank you for this wonderful call to holiness in marriage which gives us great joy. This beautiful path, at times stony, has taught us that love means giving life to the one we love.
We are aware of our littleness facing this challenge. Teach us to love more everyday, give us the grace of becoming good parents, who will lead your children to You, let love in our family be a shelter for all the people you send us. We are open to fulfilling Your will.
Dear God, we love You and we love Your goodness.

I attended many weddings in my life and I cried at most of them. This one, however, was special. As you can image, at a Polish-French wedding it was very international. The atmosphere, however, was primarily missionary. Both Nina and Yohann, associated with Heart’s Home, inspired the arrival of many friends from around the world. These are the kind of people who make the impression that you’ve known them since forever. At the wedding reception in the middle of the forest, almost completely prepared by friends and family, everyone could feel at home – accepted and loved. Following a French custom, we were able to hear speeches of many guests about the newlyweds and they all touched our hearts by showing how both of them changed the lives of so many people around them.

Going to the wedding, I wondered if there would be rain from the black clouds hovering over the fields. At first I thought that for these two God certainly prepared the most beautiful weather. But then I came to the conclusion that it was very much the opposite. Knowing Nina and Yohanna, they would perfectly find themselves dancing in the rain for the glory of God who easily flows through their hearts and souls. For years they have been overwhelmed by the infinite love of God and it is certainly just the beginning! I am looking forward to hearing more of this fascinating story 🙂

And at the end of the Mass they played my beloved Alma Misionera!! The first time I heard this song at the Provincials' meeting in Poland in 2014 and I knew immediately that it was about me and my missionary soul. This memorable prayer was accompanied by the symbol of tiny Colombian sandals that are still hanging on my cork board, reminding me that missions are not about travelling abroad, but about being next to those who are hungry for God’s love and compassion.

Listen and meanwhile watch last year’s ceremony of final vows in Rome 🙂

O s. Ewa Bartosiewicz RSCJ

Jestem zakonnicą ze Zgromadzenia Najświętszego Serca Jezusa (Sacre Coeur). W 2015 złożyłam swoje pierwsze śluby zakonne i pracowałam jako katechetka w jednym z gimnazjów w Gdyni, potem mieszkałam w Poznaniu i zajmowałam się duszpasterstwem powołań. Obecnie uczę informatyki w jednym z warszawskich liceów.
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