Such a possibility

While shopping on Saturday morning, as usual I went to the bakery for bread. I was surprised to see almost empty shelves. The saleswoman looked at me clearly embarrassed:

– Almost nothing left, as if they were preparing for war!
– Oh yes, tomorrow is Sunday and shops will be closed… (a new law in Poland)
– They are buying 3 loaves each! When will they eat all that? Till Monday?

Why is there so much fear of losing control, of missing out on something? This is not even about trusting God that He will take care of us, this is about common sense. We have got used to the fact that we have so many possibilities at our fingertips and it doesn’t seem to matter if we really need something, it’s just good to have “such a possibilty”. This is not a modern invention – maybe it was the communist times that taught us that you have to take it while it is, because tomorrow there might be no more? This way, our life is filled with a lot of unnecessary, and we lack space for what we would spontaneously put on top of our hierarchy of values.

I realise more and more that in the process of making different, smaller and larger decisions, the crucial part is being aware of our real desires and needs. If we do not look deep inside ourselves, we will always look for support in gathering things, knowledge, competences… and sometimes even loaves of bread, because we will always think that there is “a possibility” that they might come in handy.

About s. Ewa Bartosiewicz RSCJ

I am a religious sister from the Society of the Sacred Heart in Poland. In June 2015 I have made my first vows and started work in Gdynia as a catechist. Now I live in Poznań and am responsible for the Vocation Ministry.
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