In search of harmony

One of the first places I was able to get involved in after my arrival in Poznań, was the choir, which is being founded in our parish. When it turned out that the young people want to sing Dominican songs, I was not thrilled. I have not sung in parts for a long time and many of the melodies were just not known to me. I must admit, however, that this unique harmony of the choir impressed me again and, without betraying my Jesuit soul, I became completely convinced!

Harmony is also the most beautiful thing in life. We see it perfectly in nature, but we can also see it in our relationships. The ideal is not that everyone is equal, but that in their diversity they complement one another. What do we need to achieve harmony? I see two things.

First, each voice must sing purely on its own. If we are looking for happiness in life with the hope that someone else will provide it, then there is a good chance that it will not happen. I have talked about it with students recently and this is confirmed by research – happy marriages are usually relationships between two people who are happy on their own and were happy before marriage. They are able to create a good couple, because each of them shares with the other what they already have. Very similarly in religious life, if I myself am a happy nun, I share the joy of live with the community I am creating, and I do not expect that I will receive this joy from my sisters. This change of perspective makes a big difference!

The second thing needed to achieve harmony is to appreciate diversity. If someone sings out of tune as bass, we do not tell him that it would be better if he sang tenor. A choir composed of tenors alone is not ideal. We must help the one who is weaker, who is not able to play his part, to become more and more himself, so that he can make a unique contribution to the whole community. It is not easy at all, because we would often prefer to convince the other to do the same as us and make everyone think like we do.

The hardest thing to accomplish is achieving inner harmony, because it means taking care of those parts of ourselves which we would like to drown. But it is those parts which complement the musical depth of our soul. We can be sure that the best conductor and composer, who is the Creator himself, will create a unique melody with all the sounds.

O s. Ewa Bartosiewicz RSCJ

Jestem zakonnicą ze Zgromadzenia Najświętszego Serca Jezusa (Sacre Coeur). W 2015 złożyłam swoje pierwsze śluby zakonne i pracowałam jako katechetka w jednym z gimnazjów w Gdyni, potem mieszkałam w Poznaniu i zajmowałam się duszpasterstwem powołań. Obecnie uczę informatyki w jednym z warszawskich liceów.
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  1. Mary Shanahan rscj pisze:

    I found this reflection on harmony so well related to the music in parts. Thank you Eva, for sharing your thoughts.

  2. fitri pisze:

    How do you adjust, even though you don’t like the song and there are some funds that you don’t know about?

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