The spinning world

spinning-worldMy friend who is a working mother wrote a nice text about collecting sunsets. She wrote that stopping to watch the sunset is crucial in the busy day. If we don’t stop, we can go crazy… Ironically, I did not thank her for the text, because I simply didn’t have time… In the hectic days of the ending school year and preparations for the Chapter, I don’t have time to catch my breath, and I seem to miss all the sunsets along with much more important matters. On Sunday, ticking off one of the important points on my list, I had a fundraising day in my parish, looking for funds for students from Kenya to come to WYD and talking about my African travels a few years ago. I somehow started missing the African world, which is ruled by different rules: after all, we know that God gave us watches, and He gave them time…

I have so many tabs opened in my browser with stuff to read “in my free time,” that it’s hard for me to navigate in it, not to speak of a suitable stack of books on the night table that is collecting dust and increasingly blocking access to my alarm clock. Sometimes I wonder if it really needs to look like this… and always at that point I am reminded of something incredibly important that necessarily needs to be done right away. One of our polish singers once sang: “Somebody finally stop the world, I’m getting off.” I guess it is just extremely difficult to get off when you have the feeling that what you are doing is important for someone. Is it still a profound life of mission, or perhaps only pride and the belief that everything would collapse without me?

Today’s Gospel tells us that we should be the light to the world. But how can we give light to anyone’s way when we keep flying like crazy fireflies…?

About s. Ewa Bartosiewicz RSCJ

I am a religious sister from the Society of the Sacred Heart in Poland. In June 2015 I have made my first vows and started work in Gdynia as a catechist. Now I live in Poznań and am responsible for the Vocation Ministry.
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