Three in One

Today is Trinity Sunday. I do not even try to explore this mystery, I would just make myself look silly 😉 I remembered, however, an African post from exactly 4 years ago, when in a strange way this mystery collided with my reality.


When on Tuesday, my new friend Yussuf (also known as the Angel No. 2) sent me his car, along with a friend to take me to the hospital for tests, he also sent me something as a gift – a small booklet entitled “Unity of God” …

Out of curiosity, I decided to read it and see what it’s about. Maybe it is a coincidence, that I finished reading it today – the feast of the Holy Trinity. It is full of stories from the early centuries of Christianity, when the dogmas and the truths of faith were signed due to politics and personal benefits of the members of the church (I don’t know how it was – probably for the most part this is true). It is said that St. Paul was a heretic, that nothing in the Scriptures proves the divinity of Jesus, and that anyone who does not confess that Allah is the only God, will not escape the fire of hell.

Yussuf apparently turned out to be a fervent Muslim and hoped that I could be convinced that the dogma concerning the Trinity is false. Muslims believe that God is One, and that Jesus was only His messenger, just as the prophet Muhammad.

Meanwhile, it reminded myself that God is love. And how can you be love, without someone to love? Could God really be completely alone before the creation of man? I remembered the “The Shack” by William P. Young and his beautiful description of God in the Trinity … Suddenly the description from the booklet, saying that God is “self-sufficient and does not need to share his glory with anyone” seemed terribly sad …

Fr.. Wojciech Skin MIC writes:

“We adore distinction in persons, unity in essence, and equality in majesty“. We praise and nothing more, because the mystery of God is beyond our perception; worship, because it can only be touched by a “fingertip” of faith; we worship, because we sense that we are still immersed in the love of the Three. We adore with a humble mind which would not have been able to say anything about this greatest miracle without the Spirit of Truth. We adore with a simple heart, that will not even attempt to transfer the ocean with a seashell. With the whole Church w worship by the simplest prayer: “Glory to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”*

And today I humbly thank you, dear God, that you are with me trebly, though that is incomprehensible to me. Thank you Father, Jesus and Spirit, that you are in Yourself the fullness of Love 🙂


* translation by me

I wish I could translate more of my Kenyan stories for you, but that is not possible for now…

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I am a religious sister from the Society of the Sacred Heart in Poland. In June 2015 I have made my first vows and started work in Gdynia as a catechist. Now I live in Poznań and am responsible for the Vocation Ministry.
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